Sunday, February 12, 2006

ah michelle...

poor you.

your olympic dreams are shattered now aren't they?

but really, come on. weren't they actually shattered as soon as they put the new scoring system into effect, that rewards skaters for what they DO, rather than the old one which pretty much only reflected whether or not they screwed up? because you are pretty good at doing a technically-mediocre program and not fucking it up, but you are not very good at doing anything beyond that.

didn't you sort of know you weren't really going to be cut out for the olympics, considering you hadn't skated in a competition all season?

and really, when you got to turin by way of medical petition and tried to go out and practice, wasn't it sort of embarrassing hanging out with kimmie meissner, who has landed a triple axel in competition and may do it again? didn't it sort of suck seeing rena inoue land a fantastic throw triple-axel and knowing you can't do that, injury or not?

you know what i think? i think it's suspiciously convenient that you are "injured" again. i think you just chickened out because you can't compete with the real olympians. you can't compete with sasha cohen or irina slutskaya anymore, and you didn't even try this season. hell, sasha cohen even has a better SPIRAL than you, and that's supposed to be the one thing to your credit. those skaters have been getting progressively better over the years, while you have kept your skating at the same level of (non) difficulty. face it: in 100% health you still would have had no chance.

so, f you, michelle kwan. this injury bullshit is robbing everyone of the chance to definitively beat your has-been ass, and it is robbing me of the chance to enjoy it. i guess i should have realized that even if you had competed and ate it (which was my original prediction), you could have just gone back and chocked it up to your injury. so i guess you win either way.

oh wait a sec, you don't win. you're not even competing! i guess that is good enough for me.


Blogger robbie said...

didn't know you were so obsessed with the olympics. that requires, like, a serious body of knowlege, to make that scathing of an attack.

6:00 PM  

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