Wednesday, February 02, 2005

inappropriate use of good songs in commercials

i just saw a commercial for some furniture store in which they start playing roxette's "the look." this is a good song. it should not be in a commercial. other songs that i have heard recently in various commercials and are being ruined for me, off the top of my head:

roy orbison - "it's over" - in blockbuster's "no late fees" commercials.
elvis - "you were always on my mind" in maybe some cell phone commercial?
bobby darin - "beyond the sea" carnival cruises
tchaikovksy - one of the pieces from sleeping beauty (possibly the intro) in some car commercial
franz ferdinand - "jacqueline" - again some car
nilsson - "everybody's talkin" - another cell phone commercial
iggy pop - "lust for life" - carnival(?) cruises
the sonics - "have love, will travel" - land rover
shocking blue - "venus" - gilette venus razor
led zeppelin - "rock and roll" - cadillac or chrysler or something
the kinks - "you really got me" - chevy trucks

i will add to this list as i hear more good songs in bad commercials. feel free to add as you see fit in the comments.